Cotopaxi; home to one of the most breath taking landscapes on Earth, and one of the best places for adventure and sight seekers alike.

General Information

With an altitude of 5,897 meters above sea level, Cotopaxi is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world; only competing against two other volcanoes for the title.

Cotopaxi was also once worshiped by Ecuador's ancient civilizations, thought to be the bringer of rain and prosperous crops; and the top of Cotopaxi was considered to be where God resided. It was first climbed in 1872, and the ascent has only gotten a lot more popular since then.

Include in Tour:

  1. Private Transportation
  2. Specialist Guide
  3. National Park Entrance Fee
  4. Technical Climbing Equipment
  5. Meals according to the Itinerary
  6. Lodging in: Hotels, Refuges, Camping
  7. Glacier Instruction Course

Not include in Tour:

  1. Extras (Snacks, Drinks, etc).




DAY 1:

Transfer In. Airport - Hotel

DAY 2:

We'll have a city tour and we'll visit the Mitad Del Mundo. B/-/D.
Returning to Quito and staying in Hotel Sebastian.

DAY 3:

We'll leave early in our private car towards the base of the Ruco Pichincha, where we will take the teleferico to 4,100masl; here we'll have a panoramic view of Quito and the other Andean peaks in the area. We will have an approximately 3 hour hike down the Mountain. Total time of the tour: 6 hours. B/-/D Returning to Quito and staying in Hotel Sebastian.

DAY 4:

Leaving Quito at 9:00 am in our private transportation, we will go south, passing through Machachi and other colorful small towns until we arrive to the Ilinizas National Park. Once we arrive, we will go to a height of 3,900masl, we will get out of our car and start our hike up to the sector "La Virgen" which is located at 4,100masl; we you will have the option of either camping here or sleeping in the refuge, located at 4,600masl and the hike up to the refuge will take approximately 3 hours. Once we arrive to our desired destination, we will have lunch, and we'll settle in to have our acclimatization activities; we'll have dinner and rest for the night. B/L/D

DAY 5:

We will get up at 4:00 am, have breakfast and start our ascent at 5:00 am. Once more, we'l have a 3 hour hike until we arrive to the peak of the Iliniza North located at 5,126masl. The last part of the ascent will be a bit difficult because it's a bit inclined and rocky, for this reason, we'll put on our helmets and our harnesses. On the peak we'll have enough time to have lunch and rest; the descent will be relatively quicker and direct, it'll take us a proximately 5 hours to get to our vehicle. We will go to our Hostel in the Cotopaxi National Park entrance, (Cuello de Luna Hostel or similar) and rest for the night. B/L/D

DAY 6:

Leaving our hostel at 10:00 am, we will make our way into the Cotopaxi National Park. As we enter the park, we'll go towards the Limpiopungo lake where we will start our ascent of the Rumiñahui volcano; it will take us about 3 hours to get to the top. This volcano is very rocky and inclined, for this reason we will put on our safety equipment; when we finally get to the peak, we will have a fantastic view of Cotopaxi: Tomorrows objective. We will then descend to the refuge at Paja Blanca, where we will spend the night. B/L/D

DAY 7:

After a short rest in the morning, we'll have breakfast at 9:00 am to keep our energies up. We will then make our way up to the Cotopaxi National Park parking lot to continue our hike with all of our equipment up to the refuge; which will take us approximately 1 hour. After having lunch, you will put on your equipm,ent and make your way up to the glaciers for a short climbing and safety instruction. We will go back down to the refuge, have dinner and rest for the climb tomorrow morning. B/L/D

DAY 8:

We will wake up at midnight and have breakfast; we will then start our Accent at 1:00 am. Our trek up to the peak will take approximately 3 hours. We will then make our way down to the parking lot and go to Quilotoa and settle into our hostal (Crater Lake Lodge or similar), and rest for the night. B/L/D

DAY 9:

After a delicious breakfast, we will have a 2 hour hike in the Quilotoa Lake crater, we will then have a rest and have lunch. Later on we will make our way towards Riobamba to pass the night in your hotel (Hacienda Abraspungo or similar). B/L/D

DAY 10:

Waking up early and having breakfast, we will then exit our hotel at about 9:00 am. In our private 4x4 vehicle we will make our way towards today's objective: Chimborazo. We will then head towards the first refuge which is located at 4,800masl to later walk 200 meters towards the second refuge which is at 5,000masl. We will then have an appetizing boxed lunch, and will get a short talk about all the safety precautions and climbing technique the guides can give us. We will have dinner at 6:00 pm to later go rest until 12:00 am for the climb. B/L/D

DAY 11:

We'll wake up at midnight and have breakfast, and then we will make our way up to the Whymper Peak; which is at 6,310masl. It will take us approximately 7 to 8 hours to get to this peak; but when we arrive, it will be very well worth the effort, you'll be able to take in a once in a lifetime view of all the Andes. It'll take us about 3 to 4 hours to get back down to the refuge where we will pick up all of our stuff and go back down to our car, and make our way back to Quito. B/L/D

DAY 12:

Transfer Out. Hotel - Airport



Acclimatization Table:


Price for Itinerary per person:

 1 pax

2 pax

4 pax

6 or more

 $ 2400

 $ 1550

 $ 1380

 $ 1250





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